The Houchen Retreat House Labyrinth was designed in March 2003 by a group of people affiliated with the retreat house. The design work was influenced by two main sources: the ancient ‘Classical’ or ‘Cretan’ design and the group’s response to the land and space where the labyrinth was to be located.


These various influences, together with the inspiration of the group, resulted in a unique design.The design takes into account the slope of the land and its hill top location.

There are two additional circles added to the labyrinth before entering the seven circle pattern. These extra circles allow time for the walker to establish focus and a rhythm of movement before entering the central pathway.

The gazebo beside the labyrinth provides a place to sit and review the experience either in solitude or with companions.

Houchen Retreat House staff are available to further discuss the experience of walking the labyrinth. Please ring a week beforehand to ensure staff are on the premises.These are PRIVATE premises.